Corporate Services

AG a joint stock company or corporation is the most wide spread type of company in Switzerland. 100,000 Swiss Francs of registered capital must be deposited at the moment of incorporation.

GMBH a limited liability company is the legal entity in which one or more persons or companies come together to form a new company, 20,000 Swiss Francs in registered capital is required upon incorporation. Himco, transplants companies to Switzerland and assists with location, expatriate workers, Swiss employees, salaries, permits, tax analysis and registration. 

Other services include:
Board of Directorships
Representative offices
Banking relationships

Real Estate Services

Switzerland is a small majestic, scenic country with one of the worlds richest economies. Real Estate transaction costs are low and capital gains are free from federal taxation. Switzerland offers stable yields on rental properties in the 5 to 8% range which produce excellent investment returns.

Himco assists clients with:
Property Search
Rental Agreements
Purchase and Sales
Property Management
Residential and Commercial